Essential Oils Roll-Ons

Essential Oils Roll-Ons

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Urban Medicine Woman (UMW) Roll-on essential oils are a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils on the go. They are easy to carry in a purse or pocket and can be applied quickly and easily whenever needed. For your convenience, they are pre-diluted (10%), making them safe to use directly on the skin without the need for further dilution.

What makes Urban Medicine Woman's roll-on special? Natural Ingredients, NOTHING ADDED All Urban Medicine Woman Roll-ons are made with pure essential oils. All Urban Medicine Woman Roll-ons are pre-diluted in 100% Golden Jojoba.

Discover also our unique Synergy Blend Roll-Ons!

LAVENDER Roll-On – Relaxing+ Beauty Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Lavender - Roll-On

DESCRIPTION: RELAX! Start with Urban Medicine Woman Lavender’s Roll-on! Take the stress and anxiety out of your body and mind. This is the root of most imbalances. We believe the best daily medicine to combat this is to learn how to relax...
PEPPERMINT Roll-On | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Peppermint - Roll-On

DESCRIPTION: COOL down emotionally and physically! Start with Urban Medicine Woman’s Peppermint Roll-on! When you feel agitated, angry or overexcited, slow down and “Cool your Jets”. Our Peppermint Roll-on provides a convenient way...
SANDALWOOD Roll-On | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Sandalwood - Roll-On

DESCRIPTION: Bring back mental BALANCE! Start with Urban Medicine Woman’s Sandalwood Roll-on! Sandalwood is used in traditional Asian remedies to treat anxiety and depression. Our Roll-on allows for an easy application and delivers the warming...
TEA TREE Roll-On | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Tea Tree - Roll-On

DESCRIPTION: PURIFY your physical space! Start with Urban Medicine Woman’s Tea Tree Roll-on! Tea Tree is one of the few natural medicines that is active against all three categories of infectious organisms: bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Our...
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