My Story

"My desire to address emotional and physical changes in my life led to the foundation of Urban Medicine Woman. Finding not only the solutions, but the source of these issues was so empowering. The source was ME, my mind, my body, and my emotions. Solutions did not come as a quick fix for me, but rather as a beginning of a journey to find my unique balance."


Every-BODY knows balance.

It’s not a fixed state. It’s constantly moving and adjusting to current situations physically and emotionally. Just as in the plant and tree kingdom, our bodies go through seasons, traumas, dramas, birth, death, renewal, and more. All these changes can cause us to lose balance and lose our center. Each tree or each person has an innate way of dealing with these changes. And I want to add, the health of one tree or person contributes to the health of others. Want to make the world a better place? Start with yourself.


My journey started with aromatherapy. The vehicle is your senses. “Come to your senses”. When you tap the senses, you tap the emotional messenger, which in turn taps the body. I began to work with essential oils and created blends to address my imbalances one at a time. It’s all about progress, not perfection.


It's time to turn things around!

Make positive changes that will lead the way to live a well-balanced life! At Urban Medicine Woman, our vision is to empower people to take action, turn things around and make positive changes so that they can live a well-balanced life! We take pride to craft unique signature scents using exceptional essential oils supplied from reputable sources around the world! We believe that embracing the medicinal power of aromatherapy will inspire and nurture people’s wellness.