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Physical Benefits

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At Urban Medicine Woman (UMW), we have carefully preselected the best essential oils to help with your physical balance and to support your overall health. It is known that emotional stress can trigger physical manifestations like general body aches and pains, tension headaches, shortness of breath or sleeping disorder. Essential oils can help with emotional balance and also can provide amazing benefits and positive effects on our body. What are the best ways to use essential oils and relieve tension? Massage pure or diluted in a carrier oil and apply to the desired area such as head, temples, neck, hands, back, feet or simply add a few drops into your bath. Discover Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood but also, Thyme, Lemongrass, Clary Sage and many more!

CEDARWOOD HIMALAYAN Essential Oil – Empowering + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Cedarwood - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: EMPOWER yourself with the distinct balsamic, slightly spicy, sweet aroma of Cedarwood Himalayan. When it’s time to find clarity and emotional stability, take a moment to use this essential oil in a diffuser. When used topically...
CINNAMON LEAF Essential Oil – Revitalizing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Cinnamon Leaf - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: REVITALIZE with the intense, peppery, sweet, spicy scent of Cinnamon Leaf. Pick yourself up and bring your powerful life force back immediately. Cinnamon leaves are a highly concentrated source of beneficial antioxidants. It is also...
CITRONELLA Essential Oil – Protecting + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Citronella- Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: PROTECT yourself emotionally and physically. Citronella essential oil is generally known as an insect repellent, but the intense grassy, floral scent offers much more. It is not the softest of citrus aromas. This makes it a great...
CLARY SAGE Essential Oil – Balancing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Clary Sage - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: Stay in your space of BALANCE, even in the middle of an unknown, such as loss of a job, or partner. Have you hit the panic button? Whatever the situation, the sweet, earthy, floral scent of clary sage can gently move you toward a place...
EUCALYPTUS Essential Oil – Breathing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Eucalyptus - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: BREATHE in, Breathe out… then repeat. When inhaled or rubbed onto the chest area, the deep minty, camphorous scent of Eucalyptus helps to open your sinuses and clear your head. With powerful antibacterial, and anti-viral...
FIR NEEDLE Essential Oil – Stabilizing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Fir Needle - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: When life is turning you upside down, it is time to STABILIZE the physical and the emotional body. Diffuse the spicy, sweet. balsamic scent. It is like walking through a dense forest after a heavy rain. Put attention on your breath. Fir...
FRANKINCENSE CARTERII Essential Oil – Restoring + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Frankincense Carterii - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: Is everyone offering advice and direction and has that drowned out your own intuitive voice? Want to hit the reset button for everything? Frankincense is the best choice for complete RESTORATION. It has a warm, spicy, earthy scent and an...
LEMONGRASS Essential Oil – Revitalizing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Lemongrass - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: REVITALIZE your energy with the deep citrus scent of Lemongrass. Diffusing this oil creates an invigorating and uplifting atmosphere, like jumping on a trampoline under the stars. Give stress and anxiety motion so that they can leave the...
PEPPERMINT Essential Oil – Cooling + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Peppermint - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: COOL down emotionally and physically with the fresh, sharp, minty aroma of Peppermint. Agitated, angry, overexcited? Slow down. “Cool your Jets” When your head is aching and your body tense, apply a few drops of peppermint on...
PINE Essential Oil – Strengthening + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Pine - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: Bring back your inner STRENGTH with the deep, refreshing, woody scent of Pine. This energizing and invigorating oil is great to diffuse at home or office to help relieve head tension, negative emotions, burnout, and stress. When you are...
TEA TREE Essential Oil – Purifying + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Tea Tree - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: PURIFY your physical space with the distinct fresh, spicy, medicinal aroma of Tea Tree. This oil is one of the few natural medicines that is active against all three categories of infectious organisms:  bacteria, viruses, and fungi...
THYME Essential Oil – Cleansing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Thyme (White) - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: When it is “Thyme” to CLEANSE the house emotionally and physically, diffuse the spicy, warm, and herbal aroma of White Thyme Essential Oil. This can help purify the air and clear your mind. The health benefits of Thyme...
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