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Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants and trees. They are distilled or pressed from the bark, leaves, flowers, or fruit. Each essential oil has a unique composition of chemicals, and this variation affects the smell, absorption, and effects on the body. Essential oils are the very essence of nature and have been used as medicine for thousands of years.

FIR NEEDLE Essential Oil – Stabilizing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Fir Needle - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: When life is turning you upside down, it is time to STABILIZE the physical and the emotional body. Diffuse the spicy, sweet. balsamic scent. It is like walking through a dense forest after a heavy rain. Put attention on your breath. Fir...
FRANKINCENSE CARTERII Essential Oil – Restoring + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Frankincense Carterii - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: Is everyone offering advice and direction and has that drowned out your own intuitive voice? Want to hit the reset button for everything? Frankincense is the best choice for complete RESTORATION. It has a warm, spicy, earthy scent and an...
FRANKINCENSE SERRATA Essential Oil – Uplifting + Emotional Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Frankincense Serrata - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: Serrata has a unique sweet, earthy scent that is very UPLIFTING. Want to lift your energy or spirits, leap off tall building with a single bound? Frankincense Serrata is your Superman! For centuries, the “King of Oils” has...
GERANIUM EGYPTIAN Essential Oil – Harmonizing + Emotional Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Geranium Egyptian - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: Are you in the middle of a new situation, a transition, a crossroad? Stop trying to fix everything and HARMONIZE. Work with all the instruments in the orchestra. A fantastic way to increase harmony is to diffuse the green, minty, rose...
GRAPEFRUIT Essential Oil – Revitalizing + Emotional Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Grapefruit - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: REVITALIZE your body with the delightful tangy, citrus aroma of Grapefruit Essential Oil. Want to get your concentration back on track? The stimulating properties of this oil helps you to stay focused at work, at home or while driving...
JASMINE Absolute Essential Oil – Empowering + Emotional Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Jasmine - Absolute Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: EMPOWER yourself. Feeling confident in your unique beauty is empowering. Find your beauty and bring it back with the intense, sensual, exotic floral scent of Jasmine. Jasmine is a combination of feminine and masculine. Sweet and Strong...
LAVENDER ANGUSTIFOLIA Essential Oil – Relaxing+ Beauty Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Lavender (Angustifolia) - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: RELAX! Take the stress and anxiety out of your body. Lavender is a great rebalancer because of its calming effect on the nervous system. This makes it an excellent choice for anxiety, fear, and insomnia. On the physical plane, it is...
LAVENDER OFFICINALIS Essential Oil – Relaxing+ Emotional Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Lavender (Officinalis) - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: It's time to pause and RELAX. Let the sweet, gentle, earthy aroma of Lavender be your guide. Lavender essential oil is an excellent choice to help with anxiety, promote restful sleep and relieve tension after a busy day. Other ways to...
LEMON Essential Oil – Renewing + Emotional Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Lemon - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: Is it time to RENEW your mind and body? The delightfully fresh, crisp, citrus aroma of Lemon Essential Oil can be your copilot. This oil is known to be a natural stress reliever and can help combat depression and anxiety. Lemon is...
LEMONGRASS Essential Oil – Revitalizing + Physical Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Lemongrass - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: REVITALIZE your energy with the deep citrus scent of Lemongrass. Diffusing this oil creates an invigorating and uplifting atmosphere, like jumping on a trampoline under the stars. Give stress and anxiety motion so that they can leave the...
LIME Essential Oil – Refreshing + Emotional Benefits | Urban Medicine Woman (UMW)

Lime - Essential Oil

DESCRIPTION: REFRESH and uplift both your body and mind with the fresh and zesty citrus aroma of Lime Essential Oil. The antibacterial and astringent properties make Lime oil an excellent choice to rejuvenate the skin. When diluted in witch hazel, it...
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