Grapefruit - Essential Oil

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Amber bottle 0.33 fl.oz (10ml)


REVITALIZE your body with the delightful tangy, citrus aroma of Grapefruit Essential Oil. Want to get your concentration back on track? The stimulating properties of this oil helps you to stay focused at work, at home or while driving. Grapefruit oil is also great for the skin. With its astringent’s properties, Grapefruit is a perfect oil to help with acne and oily skin.

Add a few drops to a facial oil or lotion. A few drops on a body brush act as an exfoliator for the skin and it can be good for lymphatic health. Our modern lives after wrought with pressure and stress and studies show that Grapefruit Essential Oil can play a part in lowering our stress levels and therefore, our blood pressure.


Emotional, Energy, Uplift, Cleaning, Well-Being

Did you know?

This oil is also known to act as a natural appetite suppressant because of its Limonene compound.


Product Name: White Grapefruit

Botanical Name: Citrus Racemosa

Origin: France

Family: Rustaceae

Plant Part: Peel

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Color: Pale Yellow to Greenish Yellow

Consistency: Thin

Note: Middle

Strength of Aroma: Strong