Perfume Body Oils / Massage Oils

What is the difference between our 

Perfume Body Oils & Massage Oils?

While both Urban Medicine Woman's perfume body oils and massage oils may share similar natural ingredients, such as essential oils, their primary purposes and formulations differ.


Urban Medicine Woman's Perfume Body Oils are formulated with 100% pure Golden Jojoba oil and have a higher, yet safe, dilution rate. These oils are specifically designed to focus on fragrance and personal scent, providing a delightful aromatic experience.


On the other hand, Urban Medicine Woman's Massage Oils are formulated with a unique unscented oil blend (Sunflower, Safflower and Grapeseed oils) and have a lower dilution rate. These oils are specially crafted to offer premium therapeutic benefits during massages, promoting relaxation, muscle relief, and overall well-being.


By maintaining separate formulations and concentrations, Urban Medicine Woman ensures that their perfume body oils and massage oils cater to their respective purposes, delivering an optimal experience for fragrance enthusiasts and massage recipients alike.