Petitgrain - Essential Oil

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Amber bottle 0.33 fl.oz (10ml)


Are you a person who looks for COMFORT in the middle? Maybe you are drawn to situations where it is hard to make a decision because both sides have appealing benefits, and both have not so appealing benefits! Enjoy bits of both, like a sweet and sour candy. Petitgrain’s bitter sweetness promotes comfort in the middle. Inhale or diffuse Petitgrain Essential Oil to enjoy its calming and uplifting properties.

It is also good for problematic skin. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it an excellent choice for skin issues such as rosacea, acne, irritation, and sunburn. Add a drop or two to a carrier oil such as jojoba and massage into skin to help soothe and heal your complexion.


Beauty, Uplift, Skin Care, Sleep, Stress, Well-Being

Did you know?

Like Neroli, Petitgrain comes from the orange tree. However, Petitgrain Essential Oil comes from the leaves, while Neroli oil is taken from the blossoms.


Product Name: Petitgrain

Botanical Name: Petitgrain Bigarade

Origin: France

Family: Rustaceae

Plant Part: Leaves and Twigs

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Color: Colorless to Pale Yellow

Consistency: Thin

Note: Top

Strength of Aroma: Strong