Spirit Collection Set


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Set of 3 amber bottles - Net 0.33 Fl. Oz (10ml) each.

This set is designed to help you reconnect with the basics and uplift your Spirit. Our exclusive Spirit Collection Set includes three unique Synergy Blends formulated by our Certified Aromatherapist. Clear away all that no longer serves you, enhance your breathing to bring back life and explore self-love.



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Raving Review!
Written by Hillary Metz on 22nd Dec 2022

Where has this collection of high-vibe oils been all my life? These oils have created heart-opening experiences, big breaths, and a clear mind and energy field. My personal work with these oils has inspired me to bring them into my practice with clients. Thank you. Bless you, Urban Medicine Woman. These blends' inherent power and wisdom have relieved a lot of the heavy lifting for myself and my clients. Not to mention a heavenly sensory experience.