Feminine Balance Blend Bundle

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Harmonizing your life's dance!

There is no universal balance, everyone must find their own unique balancing point, trust their own intuition, inner voice, and believe in it with certainty.

Urban Medicine Woman, Feminine Balance has a powerful earthy floral aroma. This signature blend is more than just a blend; it is a companion in your personal quest for balance. This blend helps create an atmosphere in which such a point can be found.

Included in the bundle is our Feminine Balance Roll-on which provides a convenient and natural way to help create an atmosphere in which a sense of balance can return.

Formulated with golden Jojoba oil and our unique Feminine Balance Synergy Blend, this body oil has a powerful earthy floral aroma to help heighten your intuitive sense of balance.

Harmonizing Life's Dance: A Journey of Balance with Feminine Balance. Read our Blog!

  • Various bottle sizes from 3.3 fl.oz (100ml), 0.50 fl.oz (15ml) to 0.33 fl. oz (10ml)
  • Made with 100% Feminine Balance Synergy Blend, Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) 
  • Simple Ingredients - NOTHING ADDED