Feminine Balance Blend

Feminine Balance Blend

Harmonizing Life's Dance: A Journey of Balance with Feminine Balance.

"bal.ance" noun - An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. "She lost her balance before falling"

This month I am highlighting a condition of mine that constantly needs attention. Balance. For me, it is all about balancing Ayrin time to my work time. This is super important to me because they balance each other. My creative time feeds my work, and my work supports my mental and physical health. The two keep me "upright and steady "If one is off, the other one suffers as well. This month is about hormonal balance.

What blend do I use to balance my mood swings, increased sensitivity and fluctuating body temperature?

Urban Medicine Woman’s Feminine Balance Blend.

What is in my Feminine Blend?

I start with Geranium essential oil - she is my go-to oil when my familiar, comfortable place is altered. Can be positive or negative.

I then build a story around Geranium.

Cypress - To ground and support.

Sage - To clear away what no longer serves me. 

Frankincense - To restore and honor the sacred space, my body. 

Grapefruit and Litsea Cubeba - To revitalize and uplift while adding a wonderful citrus note to this blend. 

Urban Medicine Woman, unique Feminine Balance signature blend, is more than just a blend; it is a companion in your personal quest for balance.

Here is our full Feminine Balance Blend Line

Feminine Balance roll-on - Urban Medicine Woman

Feminine Balance roll-on

Feminine Balance Blend - Urban Medicine Woman

Feminine Balance Blend

Feminine Balance Perfume Body Oil - Urban Medicine Woman

"Feminine Balance Perfume Body Oil

Feminine Balance Bundle

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About The Author, Ayrin Estis

Ayrin Estis is the Founder of Urban Medicine Woman (UMW) and has been working with Essential Oils for over 15 years. Certified Level 3 as Clinical Aromatherapist from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), Ayrin is very active in formulating blends for many commercial product lines as well as private label. Ayrin is also working with wellness practitioners to create an environment of balance.