Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Through Aromatherapy

Functional Medicine: Addressing Root Causes

My motivation or intention with urban medicine is to share my experience on a super basic level. 

I can offer you “medicine” to help you with your cold or memory or any other of the thousand diseases. But for me it has to start with you.

  • What is underneath your symptoms?
  • What is the root cause?

The very heart of Urban Medicine Woman is to help YOU get to that answer.

Aromatherapy is about getting out of your head and into your senses. 

Your sensory body is your greatest physician. We have allowed ourselves to live completely outside our body. We can blame it on this virtual world that we think solves everything for us OR we can take responsibility for the choices we have made individually and make new choices. Sounds simple. It is but we often make the simple hard to achieve.

Example: My Relax blend. Relax is an uplifting earthy citrus blend and provides a natural way to assist in calming your body and quieting your mind. When essential oils penetrate the skin, they enter the blood stream, circulating the body to provide therapeutic effects, BUT the real medicine comes from entering into that space after the symptoms stop screaming.

What is sitting in that space?

NOW you can connect with your senses. 



YOU know what has caused this stress, caused you to reach for my blend. I cannot express enough, my medicine is about helping you get to that space. 

It is my wish that I can help you get to that space. I do have colleagues who will tell you exactly how to treat your symptoms. I think that is invaluable, but it is not a recipe for long term health. If the root cause is not addressed, numerous diseases will keep popping up. 

My blends are about diving right into your symptoms and looking at them.

I can offer you “medicine” to help you with your cold or memory or any other of the thousand diseases. 

But for me it has to start with you.

At Urban Medicine Woman: 

  • We believe that real solutions come from looking at root causes. 
  • We believe physical and emotional stress are the root cause for most imbalances. 
  • We believe every BODY knows balance. 
  • We believe that YOU are the best medicine. 

I create specific formulas to address some of the most common stress factors.

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About The Author, Ayrin Estis

Ayrin Estis is the Founder of Urban Medicine Woman (UMW) and has been working with Essential Oils for over 15 years. Certified Level 3 as Clinical Aromatherapist from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), Ayrin is very active in formulating blends for many commercial product lines as well as private label. Ayrin is also working with wellness practitioners to create an environment of balance.